Each Spring, D&H opens the water main to your irrigation system and goes through each hydro-zone's operation mechanically and electrically to make sure everything is working properly. We remove excess grass from around all of the sprinkler heads (picking up the clippings behind us) and we adjust the timer so that your system will operate according to your needs. You are now set for the season – just flip the switch!

Each Fall, D&H Lawn inspects the entire system to make sure there are no leaks before shutting off the water main to your irrigation system. If any leaks are found, we repair them immediately to insure that your irrigation lines can be properly evacuated. D&H uses a large capacity air compressor to blow out the water that remains in the lines and heads so that your system is protected from freezing during the winter. This extra step prevents any unnecessary repair costs in the spring and will keep your lawn irrigation system working at peak efficiency for many years to come.