Now offering landscape lighting services. We custom design and install new LED lighting systems. If you already have landscape lighting, we can upgrade your system to make it more energy efficient. Our service also offers routine carefree maintenance.

Our lighting designers can tastefully enhance the architectural details of any home but our design plans go much further than that. All of our designs offer these important benefits:

Curb Appeal

Be the house on the street that everyone talks about! A Professionally designed lighting plan enhances your home's appearance by allowing the interesting architectural features to pop out.

Your plants and other landscape details won’t disappear once the sun goes down, but will take on a whole new appearance. In a nutshell, outdoor lights add a sense of drama to your landscaping.

Extend Your Usable Outdoor Living Space

Landscape lighting increases the functionality of your outdoor spaces. With proper lighting, you can use your front and backyard long after the sun goes down. A broad beam flood mounted on a house can provide a large amount of general light to brighten a patio area or a portion of the yard. Lighting attached to a deck post illuminates the area for late-night dining or socializing. For additional lighting around a patio table, specially designed lights are available that affix to a table umbrella.

Home Security

An illuminated home is a safe home. Lighting your home's exterior deters vandalism and burglary. With a well-lit exterior, a criminal cannot approach your home unseen and has fewer hiding spots in the landscaping. Illuminating entrance points, like doors and windows, with lights makes it difficult for a break-in to go unnoticed.

Personal Safety

The safety of your family and guests when outside or entering the home is another benefit of outdoor lighting. Home exteriors are full of potential dangers, like stairs, drop-offs, pools and other tripping hazards. illuminating those hazards decreases the chances of an accidental fall or other injury. Lights that illuminate the driveway, walkways and the address plaque allow visitors to find your home safely and with ease.


Our lighting designs are custom created to meet the needs of each customer. When D&H Lawn Irrigation, Inc. designs a new lighting system, we first listen to the main reasons that our customers want lighting, whether to enhance curb appeal, for safety, home security, or expanding the outdoor usable living space. Together we review which landscape areas are most important. D&H Lawn Irrigation, Inc. thinks that seeing is believing, and so we will come to your home for a night time demonstration to show and explain different lighting techniques and fixture coverage.

The excitement over LED technology is that we now not only have the ability to save power and extend the life of bulbs, but we can now also control the brightness of individual fixtures. This feature includes a slow dimming over an extended period of time or a fixed setting at a specific brightness. LED technology means ultimate control and usability. Color lighting is available to enhance plant and landscape coloring or add drama for holidays and parties.


D&H Lawn Irrigation, Inc. can also service your existing lighting system, from general maintenance like clearing obstructions and re-positioning lights, to replacing faulty fixtures, bulbs, wiring, connections, or even transformers.


D&H Lawn Irrigation, Inc. can update your existing halogen or incandescent lighting system. We specialize in retrofitting older systems with LED technology. LED offers exceptional savings on electricity because LED has a life expectancy of about 25 times longer than halogen. On average LED is 4 times more efficient than halogen. The energy savings from converting to LED will easily allow you to expand your existing lighting system and realize all of your lighting needs.