Our long list of happy customers is the best advertising available to us. We feel that we haven't done our job right if your lawn irrigation system hasn't been installed to your 100% satisfaction. Below are just a few of the wonderful things our clients have told us.

I have a three-quarters of an acre lot with extensive plantings. When I first called on D&H I had a sprinkler system that I had installed a number of years ago that basically just covered lawn areas. Over the course of the last five years or so as we got more and more into expanding our planting beds, I have called on D&H many times to move heads, do repairs etc. A couple of years ago I gave them the task to make my entire garden capable of being adequately watered if we left on vacation for an extensive period of time. Whatever they're called to do, open, close, move something, install something new, their staff arrives when they say they're coming and leaves in such a manner that you never even knew they were there. My well established garden didn't lose a single plant even though the D&H crew did extensive digging to install our new system. These people are the best.

Mark Lamb
Tinley Park, IL

D&H Lawn Irrigation is fantastic! Our relationship with them goes back for over 20 years and we have always been so pleased with their excellent work and prompt response. They have serviced our system in our yard forever - and put in a new system when we re-landscaped our back yard - not only is their work top notch, but they're good people and easy to work with. It's not often we can recommend a company with this kind of enthusiasm. With D&H Lawn Irrigation we not only recommend them, we'd never use anyone else!

Lou and Kathy McKeever
LaGrange, IL

We built out house in 1991 and hired D&H Lawn to put in our sprinkler system. Year after year they came out and closed up our system and opened it again in the spring — making sure the system worked properly after winter.  We never had a problem with it and were comforted knowing that each year brought back the same crew.
In 2014 I downsized and moved into a much smaller house.  I landscaped my new "old" house and had D&H Lawn install a sprinkler system so that my new yard would be properly watered.  Just as before, they professionally did the installation and my plants thrived!   The old crew was surprised to see me at this new location.  I was glad to see the same friendly faces and again am comforted knowing that I'll be getting the best care possible.

Jo Rexer
Willow Springs, IL

When I built my new house in 1993 I told my wife before we start the landscaping, it is important we first purchase an underground sprinkler system. I researched the local companies and contacted three to get prices. I chose D&H Lawn because they were an established company in Tinley Park for many years and their knowledge of the industry along with the use of quality materials at a competitive price sealed the deal. The installation was done in a timely and professional manner. Ever since my installation 22 years ago Rick Heinzel was there to help me with any questions or concerns about my system. They contact me every spring to turn on the system and inspect my RPZ valve, then in the fall to shut down the system. I can say that in all these years I have never had a problem. Rick and his staff are all good people to rely on for your Sprinkler System needs.

Roy Geiger
Tinley Park, IL

I first used D&H Lawn Irrigation in 1987 when I had my home built in Downers Grove, Illinois. I used their services until April 2003.  I returned to Illinois in April 2015. When it came time to install an underground sprinkler system, I never thought of anyone but D&H Lawn. They are very neat with their installation and their technicians have been with them a long time.  They installed numerous heads to water my lawn as well as heads for our flowerbeds and trees.  They use quality parts and the workmanship is excellent.  They turn on the system in the spring and turn off the system in the fall.
I am well satisfied with D&H Lawn and would think of using no one else.

Wally & Mary Sarna
Shorewood, IL

When it came time to install an underground sprinkler system at my home, I never considered anyone but D&H to do the job. They had installed a system for my parents over 30 years ago and it still works just as well as the day it was first turned on. Even though the weather in Chicago is notoriously unpredictable, I always rely on my D&H sprinkler system to keep my yard looking great all summer long.

Thanks, Rick!
Michael Gallagher
Orland Park, IL

D&H Lawn Irrigation did a wonderful job installing our underground lawn sprinkler system. Only the best materials were used (4 years old and going strong). They supplied numerous watering heads strategically placed that water our grass. They also used extra heads on separate programs to water areas with flowers and trees. Their follow-up care in maintaining our system in the spring and fall is superb.

Thanks, D&H Lawn Irrigation
June Nunn
Lockport, IL